Things I know are childish and I should stop but I do them even though I am an adult.

(Disclaimer: If you a reading this, YAY. It is also nearly 12am and I know how shit this post is. Hopefully I get better. Anyway enjoy.)

I. When someone tells me not to have sex with someone I still have sex with them because I have zero impulse control
II. I’ve never had a proper relationship because relationships are hard, I hate boys 85% of the time and my friends tell me I need one so I kinda refuse to get one to spite them?
III. I’m not a very good friend. I’m flaky, I’m really annoying and I have bolts of energy and terrible downs.
IV. Evenc when I have an important event on, if I get asked to have drinks the night before I’m still going to have drinks.
V. I think I’m a bit of an alcoholic, which shouldn’t count cause that’s pretty adult
VI. I’m massively passive aggressive
VII. When someone asks if I’ve seen a show, movie or heard a song I sometimes just say I have just so they don’t make me watch or worse talk about it
IX. I still go running to my dad when someone is mean to me or I have car problems
X. I’m pretty mean to my mother, mostly just to spite her
XI. I also still call her mother because I know she hates it
XII. I’d rather just sleep with a guy than sit down, talk and get to know him
XIII. Honestly anything to do with boys I’m childish with
XIV. I also still call them boys because I don’t think I have ever met a real man
XV. Sometimes when I’m bored I will stir up past drama so I have something to do for 2 weeks
XVI. I have on more than one occasion cried over a cupcake. When there was nothing wrong with the cupcake.
XVII. I also just cry over food a lot
XVIII. I get too invested in tv shows I spend months researching stupid shit about it
XIX. I read too much fanfiction for it to be normal or ironic
XX. I inform people of when I’m pooping and I have sent several snapchats to my mother of my poops

I know heaps of people do these things and it’s not deemed as childish. But trust me when I do them I am being a child or just a big baby. Anyway comment if you do any of these things or give me a number out of 20. (I also consciously decided to use roman numerals and still had to go back through and count, maybe I should make a list on how stupid I am?)