Nice guys? Bye guys. 

Nice guys finish last because nice guys are asshole. 

I get asked all the time by people “why can’t you like him, he likes you.” Do you know what I wanna say to those people? Fuck you it’s none of your business back the fuck of. What I end up saying is “I know he likes me but I’m not interested in anything right now.” Which is a lie because I’m always interested. 

Now this guy who seems to be head over heels for me will either stop talking to me all together or say something very negative to me when he finds out the news. 

Now I’ve been rejected before plenty of times and I take it on the chin, cry for a week and eat myself silly. But I still continue talking to the person because I like them for a reason, I obviously enjoy their presence in my life. 

Now nice guys have a whole different agenda. For starters I’m sick of calling them nice guys, because that puts a bad spin on people who are actually nice. Let’s call them Dickheads. 

Dickheads will start talking to you very friendly. You can meet them anywhere; work, party or even just online. They are always real friggan nice in the beginning (hence the name) and they stay nice the whole time. I start to build a friendship with these guys, thinking so highly of them.

Now this can go on for days or months and at some put and a lot of other girls are the same, if I genuinely liked them I would have said something by then or just gotten drunk and made my move. 

If I haven’t in months and I’ve had opportunities to then no I’m not interested. 

Now the next stage is usually this person makes their intention clear. Now this is the part that can annoy me, they don’t tell me. I get told by a mutual friend putting me in a pretty awkward situation and bringing someone else into the “relationship.” 

I’m not a bitch. I’m not aggressive. I let you down gently and go on my way. 

You retaliate. Oh yeah if you don’t stop talking to me all together you go behind my back and tell people how I used you and I friend zoned you.

Speaking of which friend zoned is also bullshit. I have never friend zoned anyone in my life. When I meet someone I’m a friend first and a fuck after. I’m not thinking straight away oh wow when can I date this person. I mean sure sometimes I want to have sex with a person but that doesn’t diminish my interest in friendship.

Look my point is. Nice guys are mean and horrible. I hate lumping a group of men together because everyone is different. But at the same time when I hear nice guys don’t get the girl it makes me mad. 

Nice guys do get the girls! Do you know who doesn’t? Guys only interested in sex, who say they like me after a few days or weeks of talking and stop talking to me all together when I say I’m not interested. 

I’m a person too. I don’t like being mean or harsh and I will give anyone a go. Sometimes all I want is a mate and not someone to mate with.