Season One: Buffy the Vampire Slayer

I love Buffy, it’s an honest fact and I’m assuming those of you who are reading this are pretty interested in her as well. It’s not just Sarah Michelle Gellar’s portrayal of Buffy that we all know and love, it’s the other characters that grow on us and the experiences and situations they go through. Buffy isn’t just some old fashioned cult classic 90’s TV show, it paved the way for my own generations future kick-ass feminist movies, TV shows, books and real life people.

Watching season 1 was not a choice I took light-heartedly. I knew that my memories and opinions of the show could change with the difference of my now adult self watching compared  to my 5 or 6 year old self watching. I remember it being about monsters,  one extremely hot vampire  and a really strong and beautiful blonde chick. My younger mind couldn’t comprehend the adult subjects but now that I am old it actually reaches out to me in a completely different way.

Let’s be honest here, season one is very campy but it makes fun of its self in a way that movies and TV shows still can’t do well today. In the first episode you see two young 20 somethings (they look 20 but they could be portraying teenagers I can never tell.) The boy is clearly the bad boy type by breaking into his old school and trying to impress this girl with his tough exterior. Now lets insert beautiful blonde girl (Who is not Buffy) in a school girl uniform. If you already knew the premise of the show you could tell either two things were about to happen in this scene. This bad boy type was either going to be a vampire thus killing this young innocent girl or some vampire was going to sneak out and kill them both.

Do you know what ends up happening? This so called innocent girl ends up turning full vamp and sucking the blood right out of this poor guys body. She was the bad guy all along and straight away you’re drawn in. She is clearly evil and you’re left confused as to who you’re meant to trust, It’s not just the biker bad guy type to fear now its the innocent little girl in a school girls uniform.

A perfect parody of the constant blonde damsels in distress’s and the guys always being bad to the bone of our time. It plays with your fears and changes your expectation of what you’re expecting the show to be. Which is great!

It’s a horror genre in its basic form with an added twist of defying the usual stereotypes and tropes of horrors that came before it. It’s a typical horror cult classic of its time with a feminist twist that leaves you sitting in anticipation.